Simple and low priced software suite to manage personal and family finance.

You don’t have visibilities on where your money is going? Your are filling you line of credit and are not able to reverse the trend? Maybe this app will help you.

Simple to use:

  • Give a name to your budget
  • Choose a recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly,...)
  • Set an allocation/envelope for the budget

Enter your expenses as they come and the application will compute the money you have left to spend. At the beginning of the next iteration, you allocation/envelope will be automatically added to the current balance.

We have developed the software so it is intuitive and easy to use. We hope you like it.

Available on iTunes App Store

Now available on Mac App Store

Personal budgeting app for your Mac. Offer a simple way to plan and budget on a yearly basis.

  • Enter your planned incomes for the year
  • Enter your recurring expenses (ex: electricity, car payments, etc.)
  • Enter your debt payments
  • Estimate and enter allocations for your daily life spending (groceries, clothes, etc.)

A dashboard window shows total savings and year summary.

The software is a companion to the OkBudget for iPad application. Create envelopes to transfer to the iPad version of OKBudget.

We have developed the software so it is intuitive and easy to use. We hope you like it.

We want our app to be the best also be easy to use. If you have any ideas, comments on improving the apps or have found a bug, let us know!

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Add a budget

Create as many budgets as you want. The budget start the moment it is created.

Budget type

Select a cycle. OkBudget offers the most frequent cycles used for budgeting.

Add expense

This interface was designed so expenses input is super fast.

Iteration summary

Review current and past iterations.

OkBudget main window and Summary panel

Four categories of budget items: incomes, expenses, debt payments and allocations. Summary panel details the sum of each category and display the main result : savings.

Inspector panel

Edition of budget item properties.

iPad panel (envelopes)

The iPad panel let you create budget envelopes that can be transferred on OkBudget iPad.